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A Peek Behind the Pragmatic Curtain: Eating Our Own Dog Food

Mar 23, 2017
So how does the company that taught the world what it means to be market-driven put it to work in their own company? In this podcast, Pragmatic Marketing instructor Mark Stiving interviews our own VP of Marketing, Rebecca Kalogeris, on how they’ve implemented the Pragmatic Marketing concepts over the years and what they’ve learned from their successes (and failures) along the way. Listen now. Find this interesting and want to hear more about how we practice what we preach at...

How to Create a Competitive Marketing Analysis

Mar 21, 2017
We typically start every project with a competitive marketing analysis and it helps us and our clients tremendously. But from time to time, a client will tell us that they don’t think they need a competitive marketing analysis because, “Our product is so unique in the marketplace we really don’t have any competitors.” Other common excuses we hear: We already know who our competitors are. We don’t have the time. We don’t...

Reaching Key Decision Makers to Accelerate Revenue

Mar 16, 2017
In this week’s podcast, Rod Griffith, president of B2B marketing firm Market Reach, shares his tips, tools (and personal war stories) for reaching and resonating with c-suite buyers. Learn how he got Steve Jobs attention and what you can do to reach the true decision makers for your products. Listen now! Got an idea or a topic for a future podcast? Send your ideas to

Losing on Price

Mar 15, 2017
Ask a salesperson why he lost a deal and the answer is often “price.” Let’s stipulate that is true. It is still only half the story. If you attach enough gold bullion to your product, the value would increase to the point where the customer would pay your price. When you lose on price, it really means that you didn’t deliver enough value for the price. Both sides matter. To avoid losing, you can do two things: lower your price or increase the value you deliver. Lowering your price is usually a...
Preparing for Battle: Establishing an Effective Competitive Analysis Program
February 15, 2017

Are your sales people ready for battle? Have you equipped them with the tools and training necessary to compete, or are you sending them into the ring with one arm tied behind their back? Learn how to establish an effective competitive analysis program in this webinar.

Rethinking Leadership in a World of Change
March 9, 2017

The pace of change in the technology industry has never been faster. Those behaviors long talked about as the secret to good leadership are simply not enough anymore. So what else do today’s leaders need to succeed in a world of rapid change?

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Stakeholder Communications
March 1, 2017

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