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Sales and Marketing Alignment – Why is it so hard?

Apr 21, 2017
CEOs struggle to get their Sales and Marketing teams to work together. It seems simple enough. We all are driving toward the same outcome. Yet there is friction between the Sales and Marketing teams that is either visible or simmering below the surface. Sales has a mission that is clear and visible. They sell stuff and bring money into the company. The Sales team has a quota to hold them accountable for achieving their mission. Sales often believes the only role of Marketing is to support...

Optimize Your Pricing Decisions With Data

Apr 20, 2017
How can you use data to make pricing decisions and understand demand patterns? Pragmatic Marketing instructor and pricing expert Mark Stiving tackles this topic with Neil Biehn, senior director of business analytics at Siemens Healthcare, a statistician with more than a decade of experience in analytics, segmentation, sales effectiveness and pricing optimization. You can connect with Neil Biehn on LinkedIn.  If you have an idea or topic for a future podcast, contact us at...

Becoming a Pricing Expert

Apr 13, 2017
A question from a reader: Just to introduce myself, I started my career in a cost consultancy startup that was involved in implementing activity based costing and later moved into my new role in pricing and I am realising that I am coming up short in this field and I am constantly seeking new knowledge and training. I am on a process to register a side consultancy to help small to medium companies in my country to understand their “cost to serve” and to advice on their pricing. I...

Lessons Learned from 100+ Hours of Persona Interviews

Apr 13, 2017
Through a 25+ year career in technology marketing, Mark Yeager has performed over 500 buyer persona interviews. In this podcast, he shares his top 9 hints for performing successful persona interviews, quick, easy changes that you can make today to start getting more value from your market interactions. Listen now! Want more tips for successful interviews? Download this cheat sheet from Yeager Marketing.
Preparing for Battle: Establishing an Effective Competitive Analysis Program
February 15, 2017

Are your sales people ready for battle? Have you equipped them with the tools and training necessary to compete, or are you sending them into the ring with one arm tied behind their back? Learn how to establish an effective competitive analysis program in this webinar.

Rethinking Leadership in a World of Change
March 9, 2017

The pace of change in the technology industry has never been faster. Those behaviors long talked about as the secret to good leadership are simply not enough anymore. So what else do today’s leaders need to succeed in a world of rapid change?

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Stakeholder Communications
March 1, 2017

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