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Eating Our Own Dog Food, Part II

May 25, 2017
Pragmatic Marketing instructor Mark Stiving and our own VP of marketing, Rebecca Kalogeris, pick up where they left off in a previous episode, continuing their discussion about how they’ve implemented Pragmatic Marketing concepts over the years. They’ll highlight additional boxes from the framework and what they’ve learned from their successes (and failures) along the way.

How Personas Can Help in Product Development

May 24, 2017
In a recent Pragmatic Marketing webinar, Johnathan Lucky, scrum master at Perform Group, presented How the Elephant and 6 Blind People Can Help Articulate Your Product’s Vision. One of the points he covered is the importance of personas for creating your product, gaining engagement among your team, and adequately solving your customers’ problems. So let’s delve into how to create personas and the impact they can have on your organization. Listen More than You Talk...

Value Conversations in Pricing

May 18, 2017
Your company has defined and built a product. Your marketing team promotes it. Your sales team is looking for and persuading buyers to become customers. Ideally, this whole process runs smoothly because you started out by listening to the market. But much of the time this isn’t the case. Often companies build products because someone thought it was a good idea. By the way, it might have been a good idea. Regardless of how you got here, now you have a product and some people are buying it....

The Business of Sports

May 18, 2017
Get a behind-the-scenes look at the business of sports when Pragmatic Marketing instructor and pricing expert Mark Stiving talks with sports business consultant Troy Kirby, who runs the Tao of Sports website and podcast. Sports fans and non-sports fans alike will find plenty of interest, including sports strategies that can be applied to concerts and other events. You can contact Troy at or
Preparing for Battle: Establishing an Effective Competitive Analysis Program
February 15, 2017

Are your sales people ready for battle? Have you equipped them with the tools and training necessary to compete, or are you sending them into the ring with one arm tied behind their back? Learn how to establish an effective competitive analysis program in this webinar.

Rethinking Leadership in a World of Change
March 9, 2017

The pace of change in the technology industry has never been faster. Those behaviors long talked about as the secret to good leadership are simply not enough anymore. So what else do today’s leaders need to succeed in a world of rapid change?

Box of the Month
Stakeholder Communications
March 1, 2017

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