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BOM: Win/Loss Analysis

Feb 16, 2017
February’s Box of the Month is win/loss analysis. Throughout the month we’ll highlight articles, webinars and blog posts to help you understand why recent evaluators of your product did or didn’t buy it. We’ll share articles on gathering competitive intelligence using win/loss interviews, the best way to approach win/loss calls, a podcast on how to increase your company’s positive outcomes using win/loss success and even an infographic based on win/loss survey...

Jobs to be Done vs. Market Problems

Feb 16, 2017
In this episode, we’re doing something a little different. We’re going to listen in on a conversation between Neil Baron of Barron Strategic Partners and Bob Moesta co-creator of the jobs-to-be-done theory. They chat about what “jobs-to-be-done” means and how it relates to “market problems” that we talk so much about here at Pragmatic Marketing. And since together they’ve literally worked on thousands of products, they are going to share some tips and...

A Question About Pricing Models

Feb 15, 2017
“Mark, I was in your pricing class yesterday (I was the obnoxious one wearing a baseball cap) and it was very informative, I learned a lot. “I know you’re very busy, and I apologize for the imposition, but one thing we didn’t go over were different pricing models. For example, in our business we have varied pricing models for our SaaS products. Some are a variable monthly fee based on hospital size (bed count), some are “pay by script” (for retail pharmacies), or a...

My Product Management Kanban Board

Feb 14, 2017
I wanted to share my favorite new product management tool with the world. I made a Trello kanban board that represents the Pragmatic Marketing Framework. It provides an interactive way to facilitate discussions of product management roles and responsibilities. The Pragmatic Marketing Triad In the language of Pragmatic Marketing, there is something called the product management triad of roles and responsibilities. The framework categorizes the wide range of activities...
Preparing for Battle: Establishing an Effective Competitive Analysis Program
February 15, 2017

Are your sales people ready for battle? Have you equipped them with the tools and training necessary to compete, or are you sending them into the ring with one arm tied behind their back? Learn how to establish an effective competitive analysis program in this webinar.

You’re Product Strategy
February 15, 2017

At Pragmatic Marketing, we teach the Pragmatic Marketing framework, those 37 key activities needed to build and market winning products. But in this episode, Kirsten Butzow, Pragmatic Marketing instructor extraordinaire, is going to talk through how you can use those same activities and strategies to improve a product closer to home, yourself. Find out how to use product management and marketing strategies on your own personal brand to change the trajectory of your career.

Box of the Month
February 1, 2017

Join us each month as we dig deep into a different box of the Pragmatic Marketing Framework to provide you easy access to tools, tips and best practices.