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Changing Your Culture with Market Facts

Jan 19, 2017
At the core of the Pragmatic Marketing philosophy is the importance of market data, of spending time to understand the people in your market and the problems they face. But once you do that, how do you use those facts to create real change in your organization’s culture? That’s the topic of this week’s podcast with instructor extraordinaire, Stacey Weber. Listen now!

Tying Strategy to Your Product Roadmap

Jan 17, 2017
We’ve all heard about “strategic” product roadmaps. But what exactly does that mean in practice? A roadmap is a plan for your strategy that maps out the direction of your product. It provides context for your stakeholders and communicates the why behind what you’re building. Ideally, it’s a high-level visual summary that helps product managers get everyone on the same page. A product roadmap isn’t simply a list of features or the backlog. The...

When to Price

Jan 16, 2017
Most companies only set prices after they have developed a product. That is certainly a critical time and it is the most obvious. They have to finalize the price at that moment. However, pricing should be done at many steps during the product development process and throughout the life of the product. Before a company builds a product, hopefully they have a business plan. That business plan should include revenue forecasts. Revenue comes from units sold times price per unit. You have to know...

The Weak Leak in Your Growth Funnel

Jan 12, 2017
When it comes to growing your business, you can plan all day long, but if that plan doesn’t deliver results, it’s all for naught. In a recent Pragmatic Marketing webinar, Paul Schwada, managing partner of Locomotive Solutions and author of 8 Blocks: The Critical Realities for Growing Any Business, shared where to find the weak leak in your growth funnel (hint: it’s often in the math) and how to strengthen it. Here’s a sneak peek.
Horizon Planning: A Proven Strategy For Managing Your Product Portfolio For the Near and Long Term
January 5, 2017

How do you balance the need to keep your current products competitive while also investing in your company’s future? And what’s the best way to align your resources, metrics and talent to ensure long-term portfolio viability? When you join our January 25 webinar at 1 p.m. EST...

You Just Finished Training, Now What?
December 15, 2016

Our Pragmatic Marketing training courses are chock full of tips, tools and best practices you can start to implement immediately. It’s actionable and it’s inspiring, but it can also be a little overwhelming deciding where to start. But not anymore. In this podcast, our very own Stacey Weber...

Box of the Month
Product Portfolio
January 1, 2017

January’s Box of the Month is the product portfolio. If you want to create an integrated portfolio of products that focus on the market, we can help. Hint: You’ll want to manage your portfolio like a product. That means crafting a business plan, positioning your portfolio, aligning to your customers’ buying process, and writing a market requirements document and marketing plan...